Planning for a trade show can be a bit of a burden, especially if this is your first rodeo.  Without the proper tools, a trade show can go from fun in the sun to disaster strikes in no time. (Let’s just say we know from experience.) Luckily, we have participated in our fair share of shows and know exactly what it takes to walk away with a success story.

The tools and materials you bring to the game are what makes for a prosperous show. You can prepare and set up until the end of time, but if you do not have the material to back it up, your clients will have no additional incentive to remember you. If marketing materials are something you struggle with, you’re in luck! With time and experience, Aim High has quickly become the leader in trade show preparation and displays in Sin City. Your success is our Aim and we are here to provide all the necessities. Below is a list of products we can provide in order to make your trade show experience the most successful.


10 Necessities to Bring to your Next Trade Show (That Aim High Can Provide!)

1. Signing & Displays

Naturally, number one on the list are signs, banners, and displays. This includes everything from backdrop displays, banners, meter boards, table throws, flags, canopies and more. This is number one on the list mainly because your future clients need to recognize your name and where you are of course. Brand recognition is half the battle and you want to ensure your future customers know who you are and what you do instantly.

2. Showroom Graphics

Signs & Displays will get you noticed, but do not forget about the stage. If you have an actual showroom, bare walls and windows do not leave the best impression. Vinyl graphics, 3D lettering, and foam board signs can create a whole atmosphere for your customers. Immerse your clients into your world and help them to experience your products rather than just looking at them. Showroom graphics can go a long way when it comes to influencing your clients.

3. Promotional Products

Once your clients have recognized you, they will need a little something to remember you by. Promotional items are great ways to get your brand seen and remembered for years to come. 77% of Consumers say a promotional product’s usefulness is the #1 reason to keep it! That means it’s time to start stocking up on “freebies” for your future clients. Let’s face it, everyone loves something “free”. Whether it is a pen, tumbler cup, personalized keychain, or t-shirt,  your clients will walk away thinking even higher of you and your company.

4. Business Cards

This should almost be first on the list. Business Cards are always essential, even in day to day conversation.  If promotional products are not an option, at the very least, leave your future clients with a way to contact you and check out your website and services. Some businesses tend to put this last on the list and/or don’t think to spend the extra money on additional cards. You will be amazed at how many cards you’ll go through and nothing is more embarrassing than running out of cards and jotting down your number on a scrap piece of paper. Put cost aside and order more business cards! Remember, they are always useful and don’t expire, so stock up.

5. Name Tags

People feel comfortable when you are relatable and identifiable. Grab a new nametag with your name and business name so customers can put a name to the face in future orders. This also helps with commissions! Did you talk it up with quite a few people at your recent show? Make sure they remember the name they should mention in their next order.

6. Branded Apparel For Your Team

Remember how we said people feel more comfortable when you are identifiable? Branded apparel and accessories go hand in hand in that category. Printed and embroidered apparel gives clientele another visual reminder of your brand and makes you easily identifiable among the crowd. Not to mention the uniformity and professionalism it brings to your team. Spend an extra buck or two and gear up the team for your event to ensure you blow the competition out of the water. (To learn more about how embroidered apparel can boost business. check out our previous blog Using Embroidery to Promote Your Business).

7. Printed Marketing

Whatever you do, do not forget your printed materials! Some trade show attendees will not have time to gather all of your product information or even visit your website. Whether it is flyers or brochures, make sure to provide them with something they can bring back to their company that quickly details your products/services. Trade shows often also include several high-end meetings and client presentations, do not leave your spiral bound presentations and powerpoints behind!

8. Presentation Folders

Speaking of presentations, nothing makes more of a powerful statement to your future clients than presentation folders. Gather your printed marketing materials to make one flawless presentation. These are perfect to give to your ideal clients when you don’t have the time to give a full-blown presentation.

9. Catalogs

Perhaps your product list is a bit more than one flyer can cover, that is where catalogs come in handy. Your clients will be happy to have a printed copy of all products available, PLUS it saves them time spent on research. Ensure to include high-res photos and detailed item descriptions, providing the most information possible. Aim High will help from design to print to ensure your clients have the best

10. NCR Order Forms

Picture this, you’ve ordered all the above and seem to be totally killing the trade show, how are you keeping track of orders? NCR forms are extremely useful and often overlooked or forgotten. Keep track of orders, contact information, and even inventory with carbonless copy paper (NCR). NCR forms will help keep your records easily maintainable even through the busiest of shows and give you peace of mind as you meet with client after client.

Well there you have it, our ten necessities to bring to your next tradeshow, all of which you can purchase through yours truly.  Attending a show out of town? Don’t sweat it, we can easily ship your materials to your next location. Do not leave the necessities behind for your next show, request a quote today! Let our designers and production team help lead you in the ways of success and satisfaction this trade show season.