At Aim High Marketing, we pride ourselves in utilizing the highest quality, heavily durable, and stain resistant materials and brands for all your student’s uniform wear. However, we understand that over the course of a school year uniforms naturally become worn and damaged from everyday wear and tear. Uniform care can become a tedious task, especially if you are not familiar with fabrics or styles.

In hopes to help you remain cost efficient and to keep your young scholar looking professional all year round, we have gathered a list of tips and tricks to help extend the life of your student’s uniform over the course of a school year.

10 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Student’s Uniform

  1. First and foremost, always read the instructions on the care tag before washing, drying, or ironing a garment. This may be a given, but always a good starting guideline for caring for your garment.
  2. Another common yet overlooked recommendation is to sort laundry loads by fabric type. Most fabrics and pieces require different attention when washing.
  3. We always recommend washing your new garments prior to wear. This will help break the garment in and will remove any pretreatment or films used to decorate the garment.
  4. Turn all decorated pieces inside out prior to wash in order to preserve quality.
  5. Pre-treat stains as early as possible prior to washing them.
  6. Never add detergent directly on your garments, instead, let the detergent fully dissolve in the water and add your garments last. This will help eliminate color alteration if there are any bleaching agents in the detergent.
  7. Try using “oxi” detergents that help lighten and remove stains rather than using bleach.
  8. When possible, hang all garments to dry, avoiding direct sunlight.
  9. Ensure to close any clasps, zippers, or buttons before prior to washing. This will decrease the chances of them catching on other pieces of clothing or the machine.
  10. Use the coolest temperature possible while washing and drying to preserve color and fit.