The local real estate industry is ever growing as the valley population increases. In such a dynamic city, real estate professionals often find themselves competing for business as the number of home buyers, renters, and investors grows. Along with consistent marketing and signing, one of the most effective ways to ensure your real estate services are remembered is custom promotional products.

Below is a collection of some of our all-time favorite promotional products perfect for real estate professionals to give to their clients as housewarming gifts or just to say thanks for their business. These will also act as a constant reminder of their name and business to remind clients of their services and to refer friends.

  1. House Shaped Key Ring
    Handing the keys over to your new homeowner is always a proud and ecstatic moment worth remembering! Ensure the moment and your name is always remembered with a custom home shaped or branded key ring.
  2. House Shaped Memo Magnet

    Leave this clever and useful item behind along with a couple of business cards to remind your clients to send family and friend referrals your way!
  3. Double Old Fashion Glass
    Congratulate the new residents on their purchase with a toast!  What a perfect way to leave your name and a smile behind with your clients.
  4. Supreme Pizza Cutter

    Let’s be real, moving day can be a real challenge and most new homeowners do not even feel like unpacking the kitchen utensils to prepare an elaborate meal. This calls for pizza and your adorable housewarming gift that will be seen for years to
  5.  House Shaped Stress Reliever

    Speaking of stress, what better way to help your future clients alleviate their minds than a custom shaped stress reliever? Help your clients feel right at home with your brand and personality while they process the stress of purchasing a new home.
  6. House Magnet & Grocery Shopping ListAnother useful and clever gift is a shopping list with your brand name. Prepare your clients to stock up their new home while also ensure your brand is remembered as the days pass. These are only a few of the many promotional products that will help your brand to be seen and positively remembered. Don’t believe us? Make sure to read our post 6 Statistics That Prove Promo Products Work to learn how influential promotional products truly can be.

Browse our selection of promotional products and get your name remembered today!