5 Ways Employees Benefit from Branded Uniforms

Requiring your employees to wear branded uniforms decorated by Aim High Marketing solutions can result in a boost in business and overall morale. Branded uniforms are quite common amongst corporate businesses and successful entrepreneurs, but why? Studies have shown that most businessmen and women use their energy on too many superfluous decisions throughout the day

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6 Promotional Products for Growing your Real Estate Business

The local real estate industry is ever growing as the valley population increases. In such a dynamic city, real estate professionals often find themselves competing for business as the number of home buyers, renters, and investors grows. Along with consistent marketing and signing, one of the most effective ways to ensure your real estate services are remembered

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10 Tips to Prolong the Life of your Student’s Uniform

At Aim High Marketing, we pride ourselves in utilizing the highest quality, heavily durable, and stain resistant materials and brands for all your student’s uniform wear. However, we understand that over the course of a school year uniforms naturally become worn and damaged from everyday wear and tear. Uniform care can become a tedious task, especially if

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10 Necessities to Bring to your Next Trade Show

Planning for a trade show can be a bit of a burden, especially if this is your first rodeo.  Without the proper tools, a trade show can go from fun in the sun to disaster strikes in no time. (Let’s just say we know from experience.) Luckily, we have participated in our fair share of shows and

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Using Embroidery to Promote your Business

In a digital age where social media and web advertising reign supreme, we tend to forget about personability. Face to face interaction and physical sales make up the majority of your customer correspondence. Using custom embroidery and branded apparel can be critical to developing your company’s brand. Embroidered options are almost endless, from shirts and outerwear

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