Digital or Digitized, What’s the Difference?

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When placing a embroidery logo, some clients are concerned when we talk about a digitized logo fee. On this post, we will go over the difference between a digital file and a digitized file.

A digital file is a logo made on a computer. The graphic designer uses a software to create the image and saves it as one of these formats: pdf, ai, eps, jpg, etc. These files can be used for printing, websites, social media and promotional products.

A digitized file is created by tracing a logo and setting up the stitch count, style, tread length and colors. This file will communicate all this information to the embroidery machine. The stitch count, style and tread length will vary depending on the size of the image. A common stitch style for small logos is the  satin one but a fill stitch works better for bigger logos. This is the main reason why a logo that was digitized for a hat or a front left chest will need to be re-digitized for a full back and vice-versa.

The digitized file may vary depending on the embroidery machine manufacturer. If you wish to have apparel embroidered and you have a digitized file, please send it to us and we will be happy to test the compatibility with our equipment. If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact us.

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