Growing with Custom Apparel

Spring has sprung and Aim High is blossoming with custom apparel and accessories. We’re taking apparel to new heights as we now offer full-service embroidery and t-shirt printing. As 2018 proceeds, we are here to give you what you need; from workwear to leisure we are here to brand you in full-color inks and threads.

Why choose branded apparel?

First, think outside the box when it comes to branded shirts and accessories. These items can mean so much more than corporate logos on a polo.  This also means branching out your branding to appeal to the public. We are here to help you create eye-catching designs that will not only promote your company but show off your personality.

Think about your favorite concert tee or that awesome event you attend where they gave out free tote bags, or that one shirt that no longer fits you but you could never get rid of… these branded items mean something to you, therefore, you choose to keep them. Now envision incorporating ideas like this into your next team apparel purchase. Get your services across while also utilizing creative designs and imagery that represents your company.

Where to start?

With Aim High of course! Our team of skilled graphic designers is waiting to help take your ideas to the next level. Do you have a tradeshow or volunteer event coming up? Contact us today to discuss how to make your team look uniform and unique with our custom apparel (not to mention our huge selection of printing and promotional products you’ll need to leave a lasting impression.)

If you are thinking about updating your apparel, keep in mind some of these useful tips before moving forward:

  1. Brainstorm different (and acceptable) ways to use your logo.
  2. Think about what the end goal is: new clients, followers, customers?
  3. Consider what your key audience would like to see or wear.
  4. Does your field of work relate more to accessories, ie: caps, bags, aprons; if yes, think about utilizing custom accessories.
  5. Remeber to have fun! Stay relatable to your clients and target audience.