In a digital age where social media and web advertising reign supreme, we tend to forget about personability. Face to face interaction and physical sales make up the majority of your customer correspondence. Using custom embroidery and branded apparel can be critical to developing your company’s brand. Embroidered options are almost endless, from shirts and outerwear to accessories galore, you are sure to leave an impression on all in sight.

Here are four ways to promote your business using custom embroidery.
1. Uniform Your Employees

Providing your employees with branded apparel not only creates unity but a sense of professionalism within the office. Employees will be easily recognizable to your customers, improving customer service and overall communication. Most associates also wear their uniform to and from work, causing your brand to be seen all over your community.

2. Offer Freebies & Giveaways

Let’s face it, everyone loves something free, which can work in your favor if utilized properly. Giving away branded apparel and accessories to friends, family, and valued customers can be a great source of “free” advertising. Not only will they feel valued and rewarded, but will wear these items in their daily activities. Does your child or associate have a community event coming up? Think about using lunch bags, baseball caps, and totes as giveaways and watch the visual impressions of your company grow.

3. Think Quality, Not Cost

Yes, thinking about free products and uniforms raises an alarm with most business owners. However, the return you will receive will outweigh the burden of the budget. Your customers and the community will think of your business in a higher light while your employees will appreciate the new gear. Try not overthink spending a bit more on high-end gear. Give your clients and employees something they actually want to wear and use. This will increase the chances of your brand being seen and will lessen the chance of wasting your investment.

4. Think Outside The Box

Using embroidery means so much more than logos on polos. There are endless possibilities to show off your brand while remaining fashionable. Think about events you and your team often participate in and the number of people you encounter during those activities. Enjoy golfing on the weekend? Try out custom golf and shoe bags, gloves, or towels. Do you prefer reusable bags when you’re grocery shopping? Bring a branded tote bag on your next trip. Taking the kids to late night practice? Throw on your company outerwear and head to the game.

The limits do not exist when it comes to showing off your company with custom embroidery. When ordering, keep in mind these few tips and you are sure to leave an impression on your future clientele. Ask how to start growing your business recognition with custom embroidered apparel and accessories today!

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